Yet Another Reason to Use Travel Advisors

This is not a story about the Dominican Republic. While millions of travelers vacation there successfully every year, our hearts are broken for the families that are experiencing the loss of a loved one while on the island nation. But, again, this is not a story about the Dominican Republic.

This is a story about why you need a travel agent. Most of the articles you read on this topic are theoretical. They talk about the benefits of having a travel advisor, the time saving, the money saving, the expertise, the customer service. And those are all true and quite important.

But the issue in the Dominican Republic points to real life examples of when a travel professional can be crucial… and possibly the difference between a large headache – both financially and logistically – or a satisfactory conclusion. Print

One soon-to-be-bride called our office in tears this week. Her wedding is just weeks away and the honeymoon is booked to a beautiful and upscale resort in the Punta Cana area. She booked it herself, directly with the resort. Now she doesn’t want to go – and they will not accommodate any change for her. They will not refund even a portion of her money. In fact, they will not even answer the phone. After working with us, she is now booked to a different destination, and unfortunately, learned the lesson of why use a travel agent the hard way.

In another example, a large multi-generational family is scheduled to go to the Dominican Republic over the holidays. Now, they are rattled by the media reports about safety. They, however, booked this vacation with one of our travel advisers. Because of our strong relationships with the resort company, we are able to re-accommodate them with a different destination. Our long-standing partnerships truly make a difference for our clients.

Situations occur all over the globe – or even in your home-town. It could be a hurricane, a terrorism incident, the Zika virus, senseless crime.  Sadly, bad things do happen. And most travelers won’t let those reasons stop them from exploring and experiencing our world. But it does explain why you need a travel professional behind you, advocating for you, protecting you.

There’s really no better way to safeguard yourself, your investment and your future vacation memories than working with a travel advisor. Don’t plan to take a vacation without one.


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