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What Will Travel Look Like in a Post-Pandemic World?

The months of lockdown have taken their toll on the avid traveler. Being cooped up at home – no matter how much you love it and your family – can give folks a better appreciation for all the benefits travel brings. And now, it seems people are anxious to venture out again.
But how?
And what will it look like?
Here is an idea of what to expect:


Domestic Travel

When people are ready to venture out,  it’s no big secret that initially they will be most comfortable making road trips to places closer to home. Getting in a car with your immediate family seems less scary than getting in a plane filled with strangers. After so many weeks of dealing with uncertainty and the unknown of the virus, travelers will want to exert a level of control over their getaway and a road trip can provide that security.
The US is filled with many diverse road trips. Whether its in the South East, New England, the California Coast or the Rocky Mountains – great opportunities abound from sea to shining sea.

Bali - Private Villa

Private Homes and Villas

Hotels and resorts are working hard to create new protocols designed to help visitors feel comfortable. Reduced contact at check-in, increased sanitizing efforts, reducing capacity in elevators and restaurants…the potential list of changes is long. But – many travelers will still be reluctant to stay in hotels at first. Private villa and home rentals provide privacy, peace of mind and inherent social distancing. The market for these kind of vacations is expected to increase substantially.
In addition, a rental property will give families – particularly multi-generational families – the time they crave to spend time together and reconnect after so many months in isolation.

Jekyll Island, GA

Off the Beaten Path

In an effort to continue to socially distance, travelers will be drawn to less-populated spots. The wide open spaces of US National Parks or beaches will give people the vacation they desire while keeping them from being on top of other travelers. There are plenty of these kind of opportunities in the US – and even more opportunities to seek outdoor and out-of-the-way adventures around the world.
Booking with Confidence
Travelers are likely to be paying greater attention to refund policies and transparency in booking rules in the foreseeable future. Companies are responding to this by offering many confidence-boosting policies when people book their future travel. And, the more reliable these companies are and the more efficient the refund or cancellation policies are – the better people will feel about planning future trips.
In addition, travel advisors will see a boost in interest about their services. Some travelers got a taste of what it is like to navigate a crisis without an advocate dealing with flight cancellations, refunds, re-booking offers, etc. When you have a travel advisor working with you and for you…the process can be easier.
In summary, travel may look different next year and even beyond. But what will never change is people’s desire to explore our world and make priceless memories on these adventures. The benefits of travel are too great to give up forever.
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