Virtual Vacations – Traveling Through The Magic of Film – Part 2

Last week, we gave you a few ideas of popular movies to watch. These films transported you to distant lands and, hopefully, satisfied your wanderlust- despite being stuck at home.

So – back by popular demand – here is another installment. These five movies may not be ones you have heard of but, nonetheless, showcase a destination and allow us to dream about travel. Hopefully it will help remind you that even if you can’t go anywhere now – when its time to explore – there are so many adventures to experience.

This Wes Anderson comedy-drama takes place at famous European hotel where a concierge befriends a young employee. At first, the plot seems like a caper – but it’s whimsy belies a much more complicated and thoughtful time in history. The movie take place in the fictional Zubrowka, but many Eastern European towns and cities were used as backdrops and the film’s striking imagery and ornate visual environments garnered many accolades.

This heartfelt and funny film follow a young couple expecting their first child as they journey around the United States searching for the perfect place to put down roots. Both quirky and charming, Away We Go, take us on a sweet and unforgettable road trip to find “home” with stops in Arizona, Wisconsin, Canada, and Florida along the way.

As many European travelers know, Bruge is a beautiful medieval city in Belgium. But for the hit men characters in this dark comedy, it turns into their unlikely home. This fish-out-of-water story includes weird encounters, a bit of violence and even some romance. The city appears peaceful and storybook-like, but the story gets increasingly surreal.

This Woody Allen film takes place in Barcelona and centers on two American women who spend a summer there. They meet an artist who invite them to enjoy a weekend of food, art and sex. Its both romantic, comedic and a little neurotic – but the scenery of the Spanish locale is magnificent.


The sweet story about a group of seniors looking for a perfect retirement home find themselves in India thinking it would be exotic and less expensive. The star-studded cast embarks on a variety of adventures, proving there could be new chapters to write even later in life. As the film’s narrator says “India hits you like a wave. If you resist, you will be knocked down. But if you dive into it, you will be alright.”

I hope you get to “dive into” a few of these films and imagine yourself on your next adventure.

We’ll be here for you when you’re ready to book your much needed vacation.

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