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Honeymoon: Fall in Love with New Destinations

Its June – and no other month says “Weddings” the way June does! And no wedding planning in complete with talk of a honeymoon – so its time for our annual look at some hot new honeymoon destinations for the bride and groom that want something different.


The picture- postcard perfection of this country is one of the things that draws honeymooners – but most say it is the hospitality of the friendly Thai people that makes the experience so wonderful. Add a dose of fabulous food, a rich cultural experience complete with Buddhist temples, gorgeous beaches and exotic markets and you have the ingredients for a memorable romantic getaway.


Perhaps it’s the Game of Thrones- mania sweeping the country, but Croatia is suddenly on every travelers bucket list. The country is a perfect honeymoon destination with both Roman ruins and gorgeous natural wonders. With Croatia’s miles of coastline, quaint fishing villages, and medieval castles, it is impossible not to fall in love with the destination.

napavalleyNapa Valley, California

Wine lovers are not the only ones that love the charm of Northern California’s picturesque wine country. Besides the obvious wine and food attractions (the area boasts restaurants with more Michelin stars per capita than any other wine region in the world) there is biking, hot air ballooning, kayaking, fishing, spas, golf and more activities to keep you busy.


At the crossroads of two oceans and two continents, Panama packs a big punch in a little country. There is culture, tropical weather,  wildlife, and basically everything you could wish for in a adventurous honeymoon.History buffs, beach lovers and coffee aficionados all agree that this country is a don’t-miss destination.


What honeymoon blog would be legit without mentioning Hawaii. To some it may sound stereotypical, but there are ways to experience these gorgeous islands without being old-fashioned.  Couples looking for a way to avoid crowds can choose to say in a less touristy area and spend their time hiking trails with awe-inspiring views, snorkeling and enjoying the new and exploding culinary scene.

As always, trusting a reputable travel professional and protecting your investment with travel insurance are important steps to making sure you have a wonderful and stress-free honeymoon. Where is your dream honeymoon destination?


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