African Safari

African Safaris and Beyond…

animalsMost visitors to Africa are drawn to the continent by the same thing…the lure of the animals and a chance to track the Big Five and other creatures in their natural habitat. It is an amazing and life-changing experience to view these animals up close. A new appreciation for species we thought we knew develops during safari drives and the most knowledgeable animal lovers among us are changed forever.

And while these quintessential opportunities to view extraordinary wildlife is the most popular reason to visit Africa…there are many more marvelous ways to enjoy your visit. A vacation to the world’s second largest continent can be filled with sunny beaches, history and culture, wineries and adventure….as wide a variety of breathtaking experiences as the continent is large.

Southern Africa boasts a temperate climate and can be visited year round. It is here you can see the majestic Victoria Falls, go on a water safari in Botswana, explore the wine country and have a cosmopolitan and culturally rich experience in Cape Town. Adrenaline junkies and explorers can hike Table Mountain, scuba dive, whitewater raft and even dive with the Great White Sharks.Asset 1

In contrast, it is in the stunning vistas of East Africa that you can experience The Great Migration of wildebeest. These vast expanses in Kenya and Tanzania are very different, but equally as awe-inspiring as the spectacular natural beauty in the south.

Many travelers are intimidated by the idea of an African vacation…but it does not have to be as expensive or difficult to plan as many fear. Mann Travels Africa experts can help with typical questions such as: What time of year to travel?  Where is the best place to go on Safari? What should I bring? Where should I stay?

Almost every travel taste and preference can be satisfied in Africa – and while the animals are the main draw, most visitors say it is the people and the wondrous scenery that makes them want to return again and again.

We’ll help you experience Africa the way you want. When are you taking your African adventure?africapano

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