The Fascinating Galapagos Islands

Marine-Iguana_galapagosA trip to the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador, offers a fascinating experience in what might be the most famous wildlife-watching destination across the globe. This legendary place (thanks to Darwin and his Theory of Evolution) offers a magical, up-close glimpse of wildlife at every turn. Visitors can snorkel with sea lions, mingle with giant tortoise and observe penguins, boobies and prehistoric-looking iguanas. This excitement, combined with the archipelago of lava formations, cactus forests, turquoise water and tropical beaches makes it an unforgettable vacation for young and old.

A trip to the remote Galapagos, made up of about 19 islands, is truly a bucket list destination. Small, expedition cruising is one of the more popular ways to experience the area and makes planning and preparing for the trip much easier. As an example, one supplier, Celebrity Cruises. offers travellers 5 star accomodations in Quito to begin a ten-day journey, privately chartered air transfers to the ship, expertly guided tours and two excursions each day to places like Kicker Rock, Darwin’s Research Center or Bartolome Island. In fact, Celebrity Cruises includes all the gear you will need to enjoy the area, such as snorkeling equipment, wetsuits, binoculars, etc. No additional charges apply so new costs never surprise you on vacation!

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Mann Travels is a preferred supplier of Galapagos itineraries for every budget. The region is truly a unique experience that will offer many once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


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