Packing Tips: How To & How Much To Stuff Your Suitcase

You’ve picked the date and destination – now you are stuck on what to bring. If you are like me, you are a list maker and for days before departure you are jotting down everything you are afraid you won’t remember to pack. Things you are particular about and/or can’t live without – your pillow, hair brush and styling products, chargers, work out clothes…the list is different for everyone.

But everyone has the same dilemma – stuffing everything they want to bring in to a piece of luggage. Whether it’s a weekend bag or a larger one for a longer period of time – there are a few tried-and-true methods recommended by the experts.

The first thing most expert packers (is that an actual thing?) will tell you to do is limit your shoes. This is usually advice I ignore – but if you can do it, it is recommended. One daytime comfortable shoe, one dressier shoe and then something in between is the prescribed formula. You will be packing two pair and wearing one. Then, match your clothes to the shoes instead of the opposite.

blog6_shoesIf you are still with me and haven’t commenced the eye rolling – hang in there. First, stuff your 2 pairs of shoes with socks and belts and small undergarments. I like using shoe bags to keep my clothes from getting dirty and shower caps work well for that, too.

Now, start rolling. There is the age old debate of rolling vs. folding – but I am a definite roller. The tighter the better. Hanging clothing should go in dry cleaning plastic because it really does help eliminate wrinkles – and, if you have to fold a suit jacket or dress, roll something like at-shirt or pajamas and stick it in the centerfold to help eliminate any creasing. But, despite these tricks, I never go on vacation without wrinkle spray. It’s a miracle worker.

blog6_compressionbagI also like compression bags – they are great for saving room and I recommend taking an empty one to haul home dirty laundry that always seems bigger and bulkier than it was on the way out.

Blog6_holiday-travel-toiletries-bagFinally, separate your wet and dry toiletries so you can get through security easier. I prefer a toiletry bag with a hook or hanger so you don’t take up a ton of counter space wherever you are going.

Do you have any special packing tips to share?

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