Who Buys Travel Insurance…And Why?

The Top 5 Tips from Mann Travels

noluggageImagine this scenario – the dream vacation you have been waiting for is all planned. You have done all your research on the destination, your travel agent has booked your air, your hotels and even your dinner reservations are made.  And then it happens – the unexpected.  It could be a family member’s illness or an unforeseen emergency.

Although there are some circumstances that will not be covered – travel insurance is the best and most reliable tool to secure and protect your precious vacation budget.

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Here are the top 5 reasons and tips regarding purchasing a reputable travel insurance policy:

  1. If you miss a trip completely, there are circumstances that will help recover money for plane tickets, hotels, tours, etc.  Ask a good travel professional to explain the exclusions and deductions so you know exactly what will be refundable.
  1. Sometimes, a vacation will be interrupted. It could be something as simple as a missed flight connection or it could be a weather emergency. Proper insurance coverage might help in those scenarios.
  1. Every traveller dreads the possibility of lost luggage. It’s one of the more common travel inconveniences and insurance can be purchased for this, too. But, first you will want to check with your home owners policy, or your credit card, as many of those will cover this situation.
  1. Health and medical emergencies can be very complicated when traveling away from home. Many times, your existing health insurance will cover you – but good travel insurance will help fill in the gaps, and in some emergency situations, even arrange evacuations. Make sure a good travel professional explains all the limitations and restrictions on these policies.
  1. When you are traveling with a group of people or other family members, consider using the same insurance carrier and verify that the coverage does not vary.


Make sure to check with your travel agent about Travel Insurance and how it can help protect your vacation budget.



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