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Bring Your Appetite on Vacation

Travelers who are, quite literally, hungry for great experiences have a growing number of choices for culinary adventure. Travel suppliers are busy creating unique and inspiring opportunities for the more than 75% of us who say food and wine are an important component of travel.

Here is just a small “taste” of some of the ways to combine a love for travel, culture and cuisine:

Asset 6-801. Almost every trip to Italy is a foodie fantasy come true. It is almost impossible to avoid the legendary pasta, pizza, parmesan and prosecco! The Tuscany region is filled with wineries and truffle farms, the Parma region is famous for its Parmigiano-Reggiano and Umbria is known for black truffles and cured meats. You can arrange to have a traditional Italian cooking class, a visit to a local farm or even a gelato tasting.

Asset 4-802. New Zealand is not just epic adventures in gorgeous landscapes – but a culinary paradise as well. Described as Pacific Rim cuisine, the menus in New Zealand are a blend of Europe, Asia and Polynesia. Auckland, surrounded by fertile land and rich waters, is home to world-class chefs and award-winning wineries. A food tour of the city provides a glimpse into the buzzing restaurants and eclectic bars serving craft beers with a kiwi twist.

Asset 3-803. If you love the crisp scent of lemongrass and flavorful curry – then a vacation in Thailand is perfect. The bustling spice market, exotic food stalls and fine dining all combine to pack your vacation with an authentic Thai taste. Eat your way through Bangkok, a city packed with some of the most diverse gastronomic experiences in the world and known as the foodie capital of Southeast Asia.

Asset 5-804. Finally, the sweet new trend of Chocotourism (yes, its really a thing) brings vacationers up close and personal with their favorite dessert. Just like a winery tour, chocolate factories in Switzerland or cacao bean farms in Costa Rica provide tours. There are museums devoted to chocolate in both Cologne, Germany and Barcelona, Spain and Paris celebrates the sweet confection with an annual chocolate festival every October.

Whatever is your pleasure – mint tea in Marrakesh, ramen in Kyoto or ceviche in Lima – there is a food experience ready for you to bite into!

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And – there is no better time to indulge – visit our Signature Experiences Travel Expo on November 11th at the Ballantyne Hotel to learn how culinary activities are built into a variety of vacation experiences and destinations. Or call your Mann Travels vacation specialist at 800-343-MANN (6266) to have your own food and wine vacation custom made.

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