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As travel restrictions begin to loosen up, we know travelers are ready to end their months of lockdown and do some exploring. We also understand the first adventure might be a domestic road trip. This blog series, ON THE ROAD with MANN TRAVELS was developed with that in mind. Please enjoy these ideas and itineraries designed to inspire you to visit the USA – from sea to shining sea!

There are many reasons to visit Alabama, and some things on the list are a bit surprising because the Heart of Dixie might have more to offer than you think.

First, and for some people most importantly, Alabama has more southern barbecue than other cities that might come to mind. And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, then Alabama is also known for its wonderful seafood. It is the largest producer of Gulf oysters and you can get those baked, grilled, sautéed, scalloped, steamed, stuffed or raw. I think that just about covers it!


And speaking of the Gulf, Alabama is well known for the its white sand beaches. More than 32 miles of coastline with this soft sand made from grains from the Appalachian Mountains that line the northern border.

Golf and other outdoor activities are also abundant. And, although the state doesn’t have professional baseball or football teams, the rich college traditions in Alabama are also a big draw.

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Edmund_Pettus_Bridge,_Selma,_AlabamaAlabama is also considered a centerpiece in the Civil Rights movement. The home of the Martin Luther King Church, the famous Rosa Parks bus ride and the Edmund Pettus Bridge that’s been in the news again with the passing of civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis.

The cultural and historical significance of the state is enormous and is particularly timely today as our country grapples with issues of race still in 2020.

ALMONrosaparks_ec1Along with places as wide spread as Kansas and Washington, DC, Alabama is part of the Civil Rights Trail ( and offers everyone lessons about our past struggles that still resonate today.

So what are you waiting for? Let Mann Travels help you plan a trip to Sweet Home Alabama – where the skies are so blue. We are sure you will want to sing along.


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