South America: A Glimpse of Rio

1rioThe 2016 Summer Olympic Games last month gave us a glimpse of Rio. The beautiful scenery had the inevitable effect of making every television viewer want to experience this South American city in person.  Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from a Brazilian holiday….

The beaches alone canmake travelers want to journey to Rio de Janeiro. The well-known Copacabana beach and, slightly up the coast, Ipanema  (made famous by the popular song) are bucket list beaches for every sun and sand lover. These stretches of coastline are surrounded by mountains and create a gorgeous backdrop for a wonderful experience.

This magnificent backdrop includes the famous Christ The Redeemer statue overlooking the entire city. Considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, it is a symbol of Christianity worldwide and every visit to Rio includes it.

Olympic watchers were also treated to a glimpse of another iconic spot on the Rio landscape: Sugar Loaf Mountain. Visitors can take a cable car up to the top for spectacular views.

And – of course – Rio is famous for a great music scene. It is said that the soul of the Brazilian people  is filled with music – and the soundtrack is Samba.  Music festivals abound in this capital city – and every kind of music is collage

Finally, no discussion of Rio is complete without describing Carnival.  Although it is a celebration of life experienced all over the world, the Rio festival is probably the most famous, and the one which all others are compared. It usually  takes place in February, during Brazil’s summer season, and lasts five days. There is virtually a Carnival celebration on every corner of the city and they estimate 500,000 visitors enjoy the festivities every year.

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful vacation spot –but not the only South American destination travelers should consider. Stay tuned to The Insider for more South American vacation opportunities in future blog posts.

Which South American destination do you want to visit?

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