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Expedition Cruising

There are people who love to vacation in big, bustling cities or spend time in ancient historical destinations. Then, there are those that have an inner explorer, and are waiting to head somewhere far away and be part of a breath-taking experience in a remote corner of the world. If you fall into that category, the newest trend in travel – Expedition Cruising – will excite your adventurous spirit.

wilhelmina-baykarsten-bidstrupExpeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica are voyages that go beyond the realm of other cruise lines. They create experiences that follow in the footsteps of the world’s great explorers… charting unknown territories at the turn of the last century.

19_ant_freeflights_homeheader-croppedNo matter where you have traveled and seen before, a visit to the Arctic or Antarctica will be different than anything you have ever experienced before. They are two of the most remote and unique destinations in the entire world.

Antarctica is its own continent, made up almost completely of ice and located at the southernmost point of the globe. It’s the only continent on Earth that’s never been permanently inhabited, and thus, exploring the stunning landscapes provides almost exactly the same experience as it has since humans first started to venture across it. On a cruise to Antarctica, you’ll see almost entirely sea-dwelling creatures, including whales, seals and, of course, penguins.

Picture22The Arctic, on the other hand, refers to an ocean – not a land mass. The islands you’ll visit during cruise vacations to the Arctic are likely to be northern parts of Iceland, Greenland and Norway, all of which have been inhabited for a long time and offer interesting and exciting histories, along with their picturesque sights. You will never find penguins in the Arctic, but polar bears, reindeer, and foxes are frequently sighted.

Picture28-Iceland-smallThough both the Arctic and Antarctica offer stunning landscapes, they are markedly different. The Arctic offers breathtaking views of fjords, mountains and glaciers, with more green areas and vegetation than you may expect. Antarctica, which is almost totally covered in ice, has icebergs and glaciers of incredible height. You’ll find yourself surrounded by rocks and ice in amazing formations like you’ve never seen before.

Mann Travels has connections to the top expedition companies in the world and can match the right traveler with the right experience. Summon your inner explorer and call a vacation specialist today to learn about fabulous, once in a lifetime opportunities for 2019 and 2020.

The perfect explorer is:

1. An adventurous solo traveler

2. Honeymooners looking for something out of the ordinary

3. A couple celebrating a special anniversary

4. Friends looking for once-in-a-lifetime experiences


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