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Fly Me To The Moon?

Just days ago we all took a moment to remember the moon landing in 1969. Fifty years later, the explorers among us still dream about a moon walk – or a space vacation. It might be possible sooner than you think.

For a mere $52 million you could get a spot on a SpaceX rocket and stay on the International Space Station for a one- or two-month stay. Talk about a truly heavenly vacation.

ViewFromISSBillionaire hotelier Robert Bigelow wants to send 16 extremely rich ”astronauts” to the ISS for a visit in the coming years. His ambitious plan to develop space hotels is certainly intriguing. Don’t expect lots of luxury for that $52 million – the ISS is, by earthly standards, a pretty sparse, tight space. Only about 10,000 cubic feet – about two 50-foot tractor trailers – is available for ten people to share – six professional astronauts and four private citizens.

Forget wining and dining… the cuisine will mostly be rehydrated and alcohol is not allowed. An exciting spacewalk for tourists is highly unlikely. Instead expect lots of downtime, and don’t event think about the bathroom situation.

If all that still sounds good to you and $52 million is burning a hole in your pocket, reservations are apparently being taken by Bigelow. I would ask about the refund policy if I were you!

Just in case.


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