Hot Spots for a Cold Treat

The headlines are all talking about the European heat wave hitting popular tourist destinations this summer.  But instead of screaming about the soaring temperatures – let’s all scream for a taste of ice cream.  Here are some delicious ideas to help cool you off while you travel.

This fall’s Barcelona’s International Gelato Festival is a stop on the Gelato Festival World Masters competition searching for the world’s best gelato maker.  The winner will be crowned in 2021 – but until then, visit Barcelona on September 28-29 to taste the contenders and participate in related games and activities.

image-asset2Berlin’s trendy Balaram Eis is a vegan’s dream come true. Everything including the cones and the whipped cream is animal free at this popular shop. The fun and constantly changing inventive flavors make this a stop that even non-vegans will want to try.

Visitors to Finland may be convinced to try tar ice cream!  Known as terva, the edible tar is made from tree sap and has been used in Finland for a multitude of things. The local delicacy has a flavor described as a smoky caramelized sugar.  Try ordering one at an open air café in Helsinki and check out one of the beautiful views in this coastal city.

gelateria_rid_44901Finally, there is an actual gelato museum in Italy that serious ice cream fans must put on their list.  Housed at Bologna’s Gelato University – yes that’s really a thing – the exhibit details the history of the dessert and includes a tasting.  Don’t you think everyone should have a gelato diploma for bragging rights?




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