Saint Lucia – Simply Beautiful

Mann Travels’ Director of Leisure Sales Jeff Nickerson had the opportunity to sail on the Windstar Pride and see first hand the beauty of the Caribbean is alive and well.

pigeon-island-cropIf you asked me, St. Lucia has to be the saint of “my most favorite island in the world!” Today was as good of day as anyone could ever hope to experience. First of all, St. Lucia is unmatched in her beauty; breathtaking is the word.

We anchored off of Rodney Bay near Pigeon Island. I could have sat there all day taking in the beauty of our unrivaled view. But there was a party awaiting us on the grounds of Pigeon Island. Star Pride’s crew gave us a beach barbecue that you could only dream of. The food was fantastic, the view incomparable and the ocean water inviting.

SANDALS-GRANDE-ST-LUCIANBeing in the travel industry, we decided to take a stroll to see two iconic vacation destinations, Sandals and The Landings.

Sandals was directly next door to our picnic. The beach was pristine with fantastic views that included Rodney Bay and our yacht as well. There were quite a few less people there than my last visit, but those there were definitely enjoying this fabulous resort. We need to get the message out how wonderful these places are right now. I know there are some who believe the Caribbean is not in good shape from the hurricanes, but we can attest what we have seen has been untouched and is still its glorious self. After passing through Sandals, the next stop was the Landings. To get there you must cross a small channel. Dexter, who ironically was at the Landings when we stayed there in June of 2008, was our boat captain for this 12 second ride across the channel.

Once there, it was wonderful to see that this incredible resort had only gotten better. Including the phase we stayed in when it was a new hotel, several more phases were complete including a marina within the hotel grounds. The Spa still looked amazing as did the grounds. It’s was great to see again.


The best part of St. Lucia, if it can be narrowed to one thing, is the people. I found them to be as warm and inviting as any island anywhere.

It was sad to leave and our time had come, but that was not the end of the magnificence. St. Lucia is just beautiful to see, whether up close or from the distance of our ship. From our port view, there was a rain storm in the distance, with a Royal Caribbean ship between us and the storm. Just to the left, was a sight that alone is worth coming to this part of the world, the Pitons. Even at a distance, it’s easy to feel their magnitude. So unique. So beautiful. Captivating, with an magnificent invitation to come explore the charms of this tropical paradise.

~Jeff Nickerson – Director of Leisure Sales



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