Hot Destinations of 2017: Iceland

Have you ever considered a vacation to Iceland?  The small island country in the North Atlantic has recently seen a surge in popularity for a variety of reasons.

Iceland is a deceptive name…only about 10% of the country is covered in glaciers. The rest includes a mountainous terrain, volcanoes, geo thermal hot springs and, of course, the young and vibrant capital city of Reykjavik.

Winter time is the most affordable time to travel to Iceland and the season’s magic  is visible everywhere you look, from the mesmerizing magenta-green ribbons of the Northern Lights decorating the sky to the vivid Viking villages populating lush moss valleys, framed by snow-capped volcanic mountains. Despite the country’s name, Iceland isn’t as cold in the winter as you might expect — especially once you don your traditional wool lopapeysa sweater. Plus, you’ll find great value at every turn: hotels, activities, car rentals — the cost for almost everything drops when the off-season rolls around in September.
Here are our Top Reasons to visit Iceland in the winter

IceCave21.     Breathtaking Ice Formations – Receding rivers frozen in place form one of Iceland’s more delightful natural mysteries: temporary ice caves found in Europe’s largest glacier. Explore what looks like the insides of cresting tidal waves frozen in place during a tour of one of these glassy chambers.


sledding2.     Dog Sledding – Traverse the icy surface of a glacier led by a pack of energetic dogs. You can reach 15 miles per hour mushing through the snow when pulled by 8 husky dogs. It’s an exhilarating journey …complete with wet noses and friendly licks!



SuperMilkyAuror1080L3.     The Northern Lights – every journey to Iceland includes the Northern Lights in the winter season. The breathtaking natural phenomenon can only be seen during the darkest of nights so your skilled tour guide will make it possible.



aSvenIceland22lr4.     Skiing – Gorgeous views and exhilarating ski runs await in the Westjords region of Iceland. Imagine skiing down fresh powder flanked by giant mountain cliffs…spectacular.

Its time to put Iceland on your list of dream destinations!



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