Hot Destinations of 2017: Europe

Culture, Custom and Cuisine- Wonders of A European Vacation Await

No matter where your interests lie, all of us dream of a European vacation.

greeceFor some, it’s the chance to retrace the steps of history and immerse ourselves in the significant and famous sites that dot the continent’s landscape.  For others, it’s the opportunity to be exposed to the varied cultures and incredible people that make up Europe. And for almost everyone,  the flavors of delicious and authentic food and wine are another draw. Mouthwatering Eastern European delicacies, German bratwurst  or Italian chianti and antipasto…the choices are as numerous as the countries themselves. Everyone has their own reasons to want to experience Europe.

paella-european-cuisineWhile it is the world’s second- smallest continent, Europe boasts fifty sovereign states and the myriad of experiences these states offer keep visitors returning time and time again.  The compact geography of the region makes it possible to experience several different countries, even in a short time. A river cruise, for example, could begin in Germany and sail you through Austria and Hungary in one short week. Another might embark in Spain and end  in Portugal. There is nothing like a river cruise to see these charming cities and scenic landscapes up close from the comfort of ships on these majestic waterways.Viking on Rhine-skinny

Since the advent of travel across the pond, Americans have been fascinated by Europe. If you are one of them dreaming of a European vacation – there is no better time than now. You will be spoiled by the countless places to choose from. Is Paris and the Eiffel Tower on your bucket list …have you always wanted to see the Tulip Festival in Amsterdam…or are you a classical music lover dreaming of a visit to Vienna’s famous Opera House?
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A good travel professional can help you sort through all the options and help you make a good decision based on your wish list, budget and time choice. And – they will also help you protect your investment with travel insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

Culture, customs and cuisine…its all waiting for you. Now’s the time to try a European vacation.


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