Historic Anniversaries make Great Travel Opportunities

If visiting places that have historical significance gets you excited – then 2019 is a great year for travel! There are a variety of milestone anniversaries you can turn into an unforgettable vacation experience.


omaha-beach75th Anniversary of D-Day, Normandy, France

Northern France will welcome thousands of tourists this year to commemorate the anniversary that took place on June 6th. The infamous day, when more than 150, 000 soldiers stormed Normandy’s beaches will be marked by many special tours and ceremonies. There will be reenactments, formal events with a wreath- laying and many more commemorations.

If you can’t get there in June, a visit to the spot of this epic invasion is still poignant this year. Historians acknowledge that this will be the last major anniversary that actually will include WWII veterans.

And, if you can’t get all the way to France, consider visiting the World War II Museum in New Orleans.  This museum brings the era to life in unforgettable fashion and will also be commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D- Day this year.


grandcanyonCentennial Celebration at Grand Canyon

While this spectacular natural wonder is actual much older than 100 years, the National Park is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year.

Last year alone, the park welcomed 6 million visitors to see the canyon, which is 277 miles long and a mile deep at various points. The most visited viewing is from the South Rim and there are a variety of ways to experience its magnificence if you are adventurous. Hikers can take two days to hike down the canyon, or you can opt for the mule ride option. Another option is to raft the rivers – but anyway you decide to see the Grand Canyon will be amazing.


HEADER_MoonLandingMan on the Moon Anniversary

Central Florida is bracing for summer crowds that will arrive to celebrate the 50th anniversary of mankind’s first walk on the moon. It was here on the Florida shoreline that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins rocketed into history – and on July 19th the Kennedy Space Center will be commemorating the occasion.

Visitors can learn all about the historic space missions, ride a shuttle launch simulator and experience a current NASA status briefing. Space enthusiasts, history buffs, science lovers and more all love visiting Cape Canaveral.


Liechtenstein-Photos-Happy-to-Wander-1104-1Liechtenstein’s Big Birthday

A bit more esoteric, but nonetheless newsworthy – you can celebrate Liechtenstein’s 300th Anniversary this year by visiting the world’s 6th smallest country. Sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland, the principality is only 62 square miles – but there are castles, museums and great hiking and biking to fill your time.

Lots of celebrations are planned to mark the tricentennial and it promises to put this tiny place in the spotlight.


If these or any other milestone anniversaries encourage you to visit a special place, let your travel advisor at Mann Travels know and have them help you plan a celebratory vacation!


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