10 Ways to Stay CALM While Traveling

Traveling can be stressful, especially for business purposes, and we’re setting forth the intention to stay calm on the road in 2019. Follow these tips for reducing the stress of travel!

ONE – Make a travel packing list and pack ahead of time.
The worry of forgetting something or overpacking has plagued every traveler at least once. A packing list helps keep you from stuffing your suitcase to the max while ensuring you include all of the essentials. Avoid packing the night before a trip and be sure to check your list one last time before zipping everything up! Travel often? Save your list to your phone for future reference.

TWO – Plan and research, and then plan some more.
It’s part of our human nature to be wary of new surroundings. Take the time to do research and plan even the smallest of details so you feel comfortable soon after you arrive. Particularly wary of a destination or traveling in general? Look up key points of your itinerary on Google Earth to visualize the surroundings beforehand.

THREE – Exercise!
Particularly on the morning of travel, exercise can make a world of difference while on the road. A run on the treadmill or even a short yoga practice will get your blood circulating, slimming the chance of swelling or restlessness during your flight. Keeping with your daily exercise routine while on the road is also advisable – and referring back to #2, check with your Mann Travels agent when booking your hotel to ensure your accommodations have adequate fitness facilities, too!

FOUR – Don’t futurize your travel demise.  
Oftentimes, a lot of travel anxiety stems from fear of travel mishaps. From missed connections to weather-related delays to lost baggage or a lack of onboard Wi-Fi, it seems like so much can go wrong! Instead of imagining potential negative scenarios, ensure you have enough Netflix downloads to last your flight duration.

FIVE – Invest in TSA PreCheck or Global Entry.
For a nominal fee and a membership that’s good for five years, trusted traveler programs can really reduce the stress of airport security. Who knew skipping the line and keeping your shoes on would feel so good? If you’re traveling without advanced screening, be sure to wear shoes that are easy to remove, place all liquids in a clear bag that’s easily accessible, and bring prescriptions for any medications you may be carrying.

SIX – Eat a well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water.
While this probably goes without saying, we have all had travel days where we arrive at our destination late in the evening having only enjoyed an Auntie Ann’s pretzel, a Gatorade, and a measly bag of peanuts. To keep your metabolism fired up and your blood sugar levels from crashing, forgo junk foods packed with sugar and carbs and instead, pack multiple snacks like nuts and fruit and enjoy a protein-rich meal when you can.

SEVEN – Listen to music.  
There may be a few particularly stressful points in your journey; perhaps during turbulence or lengthy lines waiting to clear security, make it smooth sailing with some tunes! Invest in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones and (silently) sing your stresses away. Ensure your beats are available at all times by downloading your favorite playlists beforehand.

EIGHT – Enjoy downtime.
Firstly, while the pressure of mingling with coworkers after an exhausting day of travel can feel overwhelming, never feel obligated to lose sleep! That being said, make sure to optimally use any downtime you may encounter. Arrived at the airport a bit too early? Catch up on some emails or relax with a good novel.

NINE – Splurge.
Sometimes the best way to beat stress is to treat yourself. If you’re stuck in the airport during a lengthy delay, treat yourself to a cocktail or buy that silly souvenir – you’ll look back and laugh!

TEN – Plan something to look forward.  
Having something positive waiting for you at home can help get you through the grueling days of working on the road. It can be something as simple as leaving yourself a clean abode to come home to or something more elaborate like planning a fun evening or activity for after your return.



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